The Pod™ is a complete innovation in open air tourism. Thanks to its innovative design it has already become a leader in northern Europe for typical campsite accommodation.
Unlike other kinds of living space, with the Pod™ you are immersed in nature in total comfort.

Ideal for friends, couples and families but the kids especially will find it really fun!

POD Camping Gran Bosco Salbertrand
Piantina POD Camping Gran Bosco Salbertrand

What is the Pod™?

It is intended to be an evolved version of the classic tent, a living space that’s half tent and half mobile home.
The advantages Pod™ offers are countless: with the Pod™ you don’t have to put up your tent on your arrival anymore … it’s already ready to welcome you!

As far as our mountain environment is concerned, there’s no more need to fear any adverse weather conditions since it’s built entirely of Scandinavian wood, which guarantees you’ll be kept dry and cosy and when the sun rises early in the summer you’ll be able to enjoy more hours of sleep in the early morning. It’s adaptable to all seasons thanks to its excellent insulation and internal heating.

The POD™ does not have a private bathroom (shared facilities on the campsite a few metres away), nor a kitchen (bar/restaurant/pizzeria at the entrance to the campsite available from April to October).